Akur Mabior

DOF Orphan

After the death of my parents, I dropped out from school for there was no one paying my school fees and I lost hope at that time. But God is great and DOF came to my rescue and I am now back to school and looking at my future with great smile!

Akur Mabior, sixteenth years-old, lost both of parents to the long civil war that devastated Sudan for almost 22 years. She remained under the cares of her old grandmother who took cares of her during the war but now she is old enough and cannot provide support to Akur’s education. Akur was so worried of her future because her grandmother who she described with her own words as “her pillar” is growing older and older and is no longer in a position to support her. DOF was able to provide Akur with scholarship in the year 2011 through 2012 because of support from Richard Derwin family from Connecticut. Thank to Derwin family for their great support in sponsoring Akur for 2 year. Please consider become Akur next sponsor so that she can successfully continue her education upto college level


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