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Dear Friends of Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.

Be the change you want to see in the world. You can help us help the orphans have access to quality education in their own home country.

DOF is seeking a funding of $109,340 to rescue orphaned children from the streets of Jonglei state of South Sudan and we can’t do it without you. We want to provide these children with shelter, food, clean drinking water, and a quality education. It is through these children that the region can find a more sustainable future. Through education we will introduce people from this region to more sustainable ways of earning living, raising families, building infrastructure and constructing foreign policy. With appropriate funding, we will be able to build our first School in Jonglei State of South Sudan where orphaned children will be able to attend their classes free of charge. We are targeting this audience specifically because they are the most at risk and they have the most to gain from a quality education. We are solving several problems at once. We are getting children off the streets and into boarding schools. We are preventing the military factions from recruiting or, in some cases, kidnapping these children to fight in their rebel armies and tribal wars. We are educating people in more sustainable forms of agriculture. We are providing people exposure to successful political models. We are training people to build stronger communities through cooperation, not oppression. These orphaned children that we are educating are the generations who will bring development to the country of South Sudan.

It is hard to believe what the orphaned children of Jonglei are going through but when you encounter an orphan child and look him or her in the face and see what he or she is going through without education and other basic needs it’s impossible to not know their pain.

An orphan child is unlikely to have a better life without educations. They’re condemned to suffering because they have no parents to pay their school fee and provide for other basic needs. Some live a life of the street and end up not surviving. This is where you come in! you can help these orphans have well build a school in Bortown of Jonglei state where they all can attend their classes free of charge.

“The tragic of orphans is real, I experienced this tragic reality 22 years ago. I was an orphan child went through what these orphans are now going through and it was painful and hopeless life. It broke my heart to see what these kids are going through and I started thinking about ways to help them. So, I started the foundation to provide the scholarship for orphans and that’s how Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. was born.”  Said founder Peter Deng

As we are in our 8th years at Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc., it is with gratitude to the Deng Opportunities Foundation for sustaining the worthwhile work that has helped 28 orphans with education and other basic needs so far. Our energy for continuing this work is strong – we are filled with BIG ideas for enhancing our existing scholarship programs. We now planned to build a school instead of continuing with scholarships program. Why? Because with our own school, we can educate more 150 orphaned children each year. This is the best way to help more orphans get the education but without your generous support, we can’t do anything. These children need your help most and they needed right now.

Since Spring of 2011, we have carried out 5 big assessments and reached distant relatives of the orphans and the community to act so that orphans should be taking good care while they waited for the education opportunities from Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. We are developing a further collaboration with distant relatives’ families who live with orphaned children.

We’re thinking BIG as we look toward DOF’s future. Your generosity has brought us such a great distance since 2010. Will you continue to help our organization serve those orphans who gain so much from our programs? Will you help us with our campaign financially so that we can reach our goal of $109,340?  Can we count on you? We are strong because of your support – we are looking to the future with BIG dreams for our orphans – your help plays a BIG part in our ability to make a difference in their lives. We are counting on you because we know together we can make a big difference in orphans’ lives.

We have volunteer team in South Sudan working with orphans. Now we need your help. Your gift or $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $500, $1,000, $2,500 or more can help bring us closer to our goal of building the school. Give us the gift of $50,000 and above and we will name the school after you. Thank you in advance for helping us works toward changing the lives of orphaned children in Jonglei state of South Sudan.  Remember, no gift is too small to make a difference. Act right now and change the lives of these orphaned children forever.


To make it easier for you to donate click below


or Mail your check to


PO BOX 864


Yours sincerely,

Peter  Deng


$12,000 Help Send 10 Orphans to School in 2017

To all our supporters in America and throughout the world, it is that time of the year we ask for your support again to continue our sponsorship program to the orphans and needy children of South Sudan.

When I started this organization in 2010, many people especially close friends of mine told me that it was going to collapse within a year or less. They used to tell me that it was hard and so difficult to get people to donate money. Well, I didn’t believe in their words and I moved on to developed this great lives saving organization and American people have proved my friends wrong.  Every year American people open their hearts, their hands and donate their hard earned dollars to Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. so that orphans get the education for better future.

Our work is sustained by the donations we received from generous individuals like YOU. And if everyone reading this donate $25 we will be able to reach our goal of $12,000 to send 10 orphaned children to school starting in January 2017.  So join me today and be part of the team helping Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. build better future for orphaned children of South Sudan. Make your donation of $25 today.  You know that I can count on you.

Thank you, for your generosity of spirit.

Peter Deng



Time of Generosity- 2015 Giving-Tuesday

On next Tuesday you will have two choices

  • To change lives of orphans by making a small $20 or more contributions to Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.
  • To make no contribution at all.

As founder of this lives changing organization I know and truly believe from the bottom of my heart that you are going to choose the first one “to change lives of orphans by making a small $20 contribution to Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.” because you would like to see these orphaned children have bright future.  Why should you give to us next Tuesday?  Well, we know that there are many other organizations outside there that are doing great things, but Deng Opportunities Foundation is an organization committed to creating long term solution to the group that has been neglected by the society, the orphaned children. We are building bright future for the orphans through education, we are creating long lasting great future for generations to come. When you educate one orphan child today you have educated 10 to 100 more children and when you educated 10 orphaned children you have educated one million children. Imagine how many lives your $20 donation has change!

Our program creates long lasting solution to the orphans and other vulnerable children in South Sudan and that is why we want you to join us this Giving-Tuesday on December 1st by making a small $20 donation to our cause and be part of solution.

We are looking for 100 people to give $20 each or more on December 1st the Giving-Tuesday to generously help make this year another great year for Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.

In this Giving-Tuesday you have a chance to tell the world that you care about the future of orphans around the world. You give next Tuesday so these orphaned children can have bright future. Make a small $20 donation or more to Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. and encourage your friends, family members and network members to make contribution as well.

Jonglei Orphans of South Sudan

Thanks for being part of the solution

Peter G Deng

Founder and President

Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.



Our Organization Needs $12,000 by January 31st, 2016 to Continue its Orphans Scholarships Program to the orphaned children of Jonglei State of South Sudan.



With so many people suffering around the world and all need our help, it can get stressful on who to help who not but when you look at the suffering of orphaned children in South Sudan you feel sorry and pain for what they are going through on daily basis. These children need someone to stand up for them, they need men and women who cares and ready to help needy children such as orphans.  Thanks to Amazon company for creating AmazonSmile allowing customers to choose the organization they who would like to support and Amazon then donate 0.5% of every purchase to the chosen organization.

This mean you can make a big difference in orphaned children lives in this holiday shopping by designating Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. during your purchase as the organization that you would like to support. You can easily do this by shopping at

So in this holiday shopping you have choices on whether to impact lives of vulnerable orphaned children or not. Our hope is that you are ready to join us in building bright future for these orphaned children through education.

Together we can change lives of these vulnerable children for better

Thanks for your generosity.

Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.

Orphans in Jonglei


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