Yar Akol Gai

DOF Orphan

Yar Akol Gai is an orphan from Bortown of Jonglei State. Her father passed away when she was still very little and since then her mother has been taking care of her sending her to school. Yar finished 8th grade and her mother has been unable to send her to high school. Yar is sponsored by DOF and DOF is now looking for the long term sponsor for her. Please become a sponsor of this young woman who desperately need education.

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Akur Mabior

DOF Orphan

After the death of my parents, I dropped out from school for there was no one paying my school fees and I lost hope at that time. But God is great and DOF came to my rescue and I am now back to school and looking at my future with great smile!

Akur Mabior, eighteenth years-old, lost both of parents to the long civil war that devastated Sudan for almost 22 years. She remained under the cares of her old grandmother who took cares of her during the war but now she is old enough and cannot provide support to Akur’s education. Akur was so worried about her future because her grandmother who she described with her own words as “her pillar” is growing older and older and is no longer in a position to support her. DOF was able to provide Akur with scholarship in the year 2011 through 2012 because of support from Richard Derwin family from Connecticut. Thank Derwin family for their great support in sponsoring Akur for 2 years. DOF is requesting your generosity to consider becoming Akur next sponsor so that she can successfully continue her education up to college level. Orphaned children like Akur need your help.


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John Ayor

DOF Alumni Orphan

John Ayor was sponsored by DOF and graduated with a certificate in nursing and a minor in Information Technology.  John now works for Peter Deng Express, a transportation company founded by DOF founder Peter Deng.


Deng A. Anyang

DOF Alumni Orphan

Deng Ayen Anyang a 20 year old from Jonglei State in South Sudan was born in Bor at small town call Warkok. Finished high school in 2014, Deng was rise by his uneducated father who managed to send him to local school. In 2010 Deng’s father passed away which left the young boy with no support. Deng dream is to be a lawyer in future if given an opportunity.  Deng mother is alive but can’t provide educational support. Orphans like Deng Ayen Anyang with such a big dream needed your help. DOF has help Deng through high school and now looking for long term sponsor to sponsor Deng further his education .  Please consider making a donate to support Deng further his education beyond high school

Akech M. Ajang

DOF Orphan

Akech Majok Ajang is a 18 years old girl, a Southern Sudanese by nationality. Her father was killed in 1996 as a result of the long civil war in Sudan; her father was killed before her mother gives birth to her. The young girl later born and was then named “AKECH” meaning a child born following the death of a family member in Dinka dialect. A single mother brought her up. Her mother worked as a nurse in the hospital where she earns money for living and to cares for her. Unfortunately, Akech beloved mother passed away in 2008 leaving her in a miserable life. Orphan child like Akech needed your help. It only cost $1,200 a year to sponsor Akech to boarding school. Please help us continue sponsoring Akech by clicking on the donate button and make your life-changing donation today. Remember, the little donation you make today make a big differences in Akech life. Thank you for your compassion and generosity

Makor & Makeer

DOF Alumni Orphan

Makeer 19 years old standing in this picture with his brother who is still in the school.  Makeer was born in Jonglei, their father was a soldier who served in Southern Sudan army, unfortunately he got kill during the civil war between North and South Sudan. Their mother disappeared after their dad got kill and went and die.The boys left under the care of their grandmother and their live became a nightmare, their grandmother have been struggling to put them through school but lack of financial support made it difficult for them to follow up with their studies.  For orphaned children like Makeer education is the most important thing that will make life better in the future. Makeer the youngest was sponsored by DOF in 2010 from P 7 (Primary 7) in Uganda through high school. He finished high school in 2014 and his dream is to further his education to at least 2 years college degree if find a sponsor. It will cost $7,000 for Makeer to pursue associate degree. With an associate degree Makeer will be all set to work in the government sector, business sector or create his own business.  Please help donate the little amount that you can to help Makeer further his education.