Majur J. Atang

DOF Alumni Orphan

Majur Jacob Ajang, 19 years old and a South Sudanese by nationality lost his mother when he was a small boy and lost his father in fight at the disputed area (Panthou) between South Sudan and Sudan in 2011. He remains as a total orphan with no one supporting his education. Majur have a dream to become a medical doctor to help his community if given a chance to further his education. DOF sponsored him through high school and he had finished his high school.

You can help Majur further his education beyond high school by donating $500, $1,000, $2,000, $4,000 and $6,000 today or the amount that you can afford. Make Donation of $1,000 and Peter Deng Express will match it.

John Anyang

DOF Alumni Orphan

John Anyang is a 2012 graduate of the DOF education and technical skill development program.  John has studied and English composition, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, accounting fundamental and personal computer operations.  John has also received his high school diploma.  Thanks to our generous donors who have made it possible for DOF to educate these orphans.  Help sponsor an orphan like John. Donate today!