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Peter is a gifted keynote speaker on the quandary of the orphaned children of Jonglei State of South Sudan and on his personal story as an orphan child at young age in Jonglei State. He went through the difficult life that none of us can’t imagine.
Peter is a natural public speaker but with the help of Professor Eric Ron and his mentor Robert Bloch, the director of B.Y.O.BIZ at Champlain College and a current chairman of DOF. Through the help of these two folks, Peter has become more than just public speaker but keynote speaker to those of us who are neglected by the society. Peter has become a successful public speaker throughout New England but mostly in Vermont and Connecticut. He presents his story as an orphan child and that of other orphans who are living in Jonglei State, he present this story in the way that exhibit the neglected orphans of Jonglei State of South Sudan and vulnerable people in our society.

Peter is a great speaker that you would want to have speak at your community. Here is what a Champlain College Professor say after Peter talks to freshmen and juniors in core class. “It was an absolute honor to listen to Peter’s story in person. You weep for his lost childhood, but applaud his strength and celebrate his sense of purpose.” Peter’s dream in action is to bring the orphan hope back to live. His book “Lost Generation” The Story of a Sudanese Orphan tells his whole life story as an orphan child at young age. Here is what Peter said during his speech at Middlebury, Vermont “My life as an orphan child twenty years ago was the life that you can’t imagine but this is not so much about me today, it is about other people lives. The orphaned children lives, these children are going through the terrible life that I went through, the lives of these vulnerable children that our society turns it back to them. They are in pain, I feel their pain and it is so painful that I can’t let it go without doing something about it. But all of us here have to come together and help the orphans and other vulnerable people in our society.”

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