Traumatized Orphan Assessment


lineup-blog On 18th August 2011, the tribal clashes occurred in Pieri payam in Jonglei state-South Sudan leaving over 640 people dead and more than 170 orphan children were left with nobody looking after them. The South Sudan Presbyterian evangelical church became a Good Samaritan and offered their compound as orphan children’s trauma and healing center to give them spiritual hope to relieve the children from post trauma stress disorders. The center also gives them food with the help from world food program and other nongovernmental organizations such as DOF.

The center accommodate 170 orphans both boys and girls. It was on 14th January 2013, when the New Sudan Jonglei Orphans Foundation’s coordinator visited the center and met the center manager Mr. Peter Yien Reath who narrated the whole story to DOF. The assessment was made by the DOF and found that most of the children have no basic needs such as clothing, inadequate rooms (children sleep in triple dickers) and most of them walk bar footed.

Following the assessment, the DOF offered 61 clothes which were brought from USA by the founder/president of the DOF, Peter Garang Deng. The distribution was done on 16th January 2013 by DOF’s coordinator Abraham Chiek with the help of center manager Mr. Peter Yien and Jonglei state inspector of primary education Mr. Ajak Lukuach. These are some of the photos taken from the center during the assessment and the distribution of clothes. The orphan children were excited and some of them immediately dressed on new clothes and line up to take the photos with the DOF coordinator as you can see in the photo.

Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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