Emergency Project for Jonglei, South Sudan


Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you are all aware of the crisis in South Sudan, this crisis has prompted us to launch DOF’s Emergency Project. The project enables Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with Peter Deng Express to respond with a small-scale, humanitarian emergency and services that immediately assist the indigenous population in the time of crisis. The main purpose of the project is to provide food and clean water at the time of emergency to the families in need.

The escalating war over the power struggle has killed more than 500 since the unrest began on Sunday December 15th, 2013. Tragically, the death toll continues to rise, and more than 62,000 people are now internally displaced. Thousands of people are going without food and clean water. Some of the civilians are running or already fled to neighboring countries such as Kenya and Uganda. Thousands of People particularly from Bor Town of Jonglei state are living in the bushes nearby Bor Town.

What is happening in South Sudan now is heartbreaking crisis and we at Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. have decided to launch Emergency Project to raise immediate funds and response to the civilians immediate needs such as food and water. As you can see from our mission, we are a small organization focusing on education of orphans and crisis such as this one are not part of our mission but we can’t afford to sit back at the difficult time like this and watch people suffer and do nothing. We have to do something to help people of Jonglei at whatever capacity we can afford.

Civil war in South Sudan

Civilians running out of Bor Town of Jonglei

Many innocent people have been killed, people of Bor Town of Jonglei have been terribly affected. They are going without food, clean water and shelter. They are back to the bush life and we can help at least provide them with food and water.

Civilians in Bor, Jonglei South Sudan

DOF’s Emergency Project and Peter Deng Express in the country are reaching out to South Sudan vulnerable families and providing hope and assistance with free minibus ride from Juba to Nimule town, which is safer, food and water. Despite the ongoing violence and people being back to the bush life, Deng Opportunities Foundation and Peter Deng Express believe that a peaceful solution to this conflict is possible and can be achieve. The Leaders of South Sudan need to come together and address their political differences through dialogue and not bullet.

Please consider helping us donate to this Emergency Project to help people of Jonglei. As you can see above, they need our help. Your donation is 100% going to be use toward the Emergency Project. Act now by making donation

Note: when you are making your donation please write statement as “For Emergency Project.”

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Peter Deng

Founder and President

Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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