Girl’s Education Campaign


“Only $16,000 and the lives of 6 girls can be change forever. Imagine, 6 girls lives change forever for such a little amount.”  

 A girl’s education is very important, but in the country of South Sudan, which has been badly affected by decades of civil war, the number of educated girls is very low.


Deng Opportunities Foundation wants to ensure that a good number of orphan girls get equal access to education. At Deng Opportunities Foundation, know that our society can only be better with educated women around. We also understand and strongly believe that women are great leaders and if educated, they can contribute to the development of our world in a better way. In South Sudan, girls are subject to early marriage due to lack of education. Sad indeed, orphan girls are so much affected by this and you can help bring this to an end today. Girls like Akur who are already in our program look at the future with big smile. And there are so many orphan girls like Akur needing your help. Please consider Donating to Girl’s Education today.

Jonglei Orphans

We also understand that children do well in their lives time when they are best helped with regular attention and continued care and loving. Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) is doing just that to the orphaned children like Akur and want to do it to more orphans but can’t do it without your help. For a small monthly donation of $25, the child can go to school, gets education, clothes and necessary items for school and other basic needs. You can join others great people like you who are supporting Deng Opportunities Foundation and be one of them. DOF make sure the orphans in the program get medical care when they are ill.

Just helping the orphan child going to school is not enough. There must be a healthy environment in which he/she can grow up. Therefore we identified best schools in our neighboring country, Uganda that create healthy environment for students and we send our students there. Such schools are always not cheap but we want the orphans’ students to get the best education that is going to open the doors for them in future. We are now raising $16,000 for our orphan girl’s education program and we want to reach this goal by December 20th, 2014. With the donation of $16,000 we can provide full sponsorships to 6 girls for two good years. Imagine that is 6 girls lives change forever because of you.

Please consider donating the little that you can today so that we can send many orphan girls to school. We know we can count on you!
For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 802-393-9507. Thank you for your generous support.
DOF Fundraising Team

Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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