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Provide an orphan child with education and his or her life will change forever. 20 years ago I was nobody and today I am giving back to orphans because of the education that I got.  Education is the way to change orphans’ lives forever. Said Peter Deng

Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the future of orphaned children in the Jonglei state and surrounding areas in South Sudan, who live in impecunious conditions. DOF works to raise funds in the United States and provide sponsorship to Sudanese orphans. DOF was founded on January 25th of 2010 under the name New Sudan Jonglei Orphans Foundation (NSJOF) by Peter G. Deng. The foundation name was later changed to Deng Opportunities Foundation in recognition of Mr. Peter’s dad who left him with the powerful words before he passed away stating that the most important thing in the world is to help others have better life.

Being an orphan is one of the worst thing in this world. In Peter’s own words “Having both parents gone, my basic childhood needs went unmet and I was neglected. Peter doesn’t want the same thing happen to these kids that are coming after him, he wants to do something about it, he wants to help these orphans who are now under going what he went through 20 years ago. He wants to provide them with education and that is why he founded Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. but he can’t do it himself, he needs your help. At DOF we know that it can be difficult to allow ourselves to think about the suffering of orphans in Jonglei state of South Sudan and to even think about what they represent in the society and the world at large. It is easy to respond by reading the statistics in terms of hundreds or thousands as it has been put out there by international NGOS.  But when we allow ourselves to become personally involved like Peter is doing, and risk our hearts, the grief that follows the awareness of the suffering of orphaned children in South Sudan becomes real.  The statistics become more than just a normal statistics, they become real children with real hearts that long for their parents and real bodies that hunger for basic care, education and other developmental needs.  These wonderful children need advocates.  They need men and women like “YOU” willing to make a difference and willing to stand in the gap and act on their behalf and provide them with better future.

Helping orphans go to school is not enough. There must be a healthy environment in the school (s) where we send them for their studies. We identified the best schools that have a healthy environment for learning and now we send our students there. Such schools are always not cheap but we want the orphans to get the best education that is going to open the doors for them in the future.  We are now raising $15,000 to provide scholarships to orphaned children of Jonglei, South Sudan and we want to reach this goal by January 30th, 2014. So help us!

What $15,000 can provide?

It costs $1,050 to send an orphan student to primary boarding school and $1,200 to send the student to High School for the whole year.

  • With the donation of $15,000 Deng Opportunities Foundation will be able to provide scholarships to 6 high school students for two consecutive years.

Please consider helping us educate orphan boys and girls by donating today to this campaign. Share the link with your friends, co-workers, relatives and your network and encourage them to donate to our cause. “Together we can do this.”  We know we can count on you. Click here to support our Orphaned Children.

Your support means so much to us. So go to

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at For General FAQS Click DOF FAQS Page

Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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