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Wish You a Great Summer

To Our Valued Donors:
I would like to begin by wishing you a happy and healthy summer thus far! We truly want to thank you for giving orphans of Jonglei state of South Sudan a great future.  We are looking to develop strong network of support around the world to better the lives of Jonglei orphans and that will become possible through you helping us spread the word out.  We are so blessed to have your ongoing support and are looking to connect you more with the orphan (s) you are sponsoring.

We also want to take this moment to inform you that we have modified our website, now simple to navigate, you can easily fill out the form on our new website to book Peter to speak at your local community. There are some many forms on different topics Incorporated to the new website. Please take your time to tour our new simple and great website.

With the July already here and approaching to an end and the summer parties already began, I have noticed that you could truly help Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) in a big way. Here is how, you can help throw up summer party at your house or neighborhood and invite Peter Deng to come and give talk and the little money raise in that part could be use to continue orphans scholarship. I encourage each and everyone of you to spread the DOF word out to friends, coworkers, local businesses, relatives and your social network and encourage them to make little donations that they can afford.

In closing, we know you have several choices in organizations to donate to and greatly appreciate your continued support to the Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF). With such an ongoing support from you, the lives of orphans in this part of the world will never be the same.
God bless you and your family and enjoy the wonderful summer!

Peter G. Deng
Founder and President

Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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