Board of Directors

Peter Garang Deng : Founder/President

Peter Garang Deng


Peter Garang Deng's dream is to help orphans to fulfill theirs. Peter had been thinking of ways to help orphaned children before he learned how to write back in 1996. When Peter finally found himself in the land of opportunity (USA), he realized that the time was right. On January 25, 2010, he founded the Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) to raise funds and provide scholarships to orphaned children. He earned BS degree from Champlain College and an MSA, MBA from Plymouth State University. He is the author of the “Lost Generation” The Story of a Sudanese Orphan. He is the owner of Peter Deng Express, LLC which operates mobile money transfer all over Uganda, South Sudan and Some part of Kenya as well as hospitality in South Sudan.  Mr. Deng is a gifted keynote, public speaker. He speaks five different languages and is currently learning other two languages and that will make it 7 languages by the time he master the other two languages.

Robert W. Bloch : Board Chairman

Robert W. Bloch

Board Chairman

Directing the BYOBiz Program at Champlain is arguably Robert’s third career. Upon graduating from Cornell University with a liberal arts degree, he tried to start a magazine business targeting college students. Although the venture failed, he was hooked on a business career. The experience helped him to “know what he didn’t know”, and he concluded that he needed to fill in a few blank spaces in his business education. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and embarked on a career in the corporate world focusing on marketing. His first job was assistant product manager for the Kool-Aid business at General Foods Corporation, now part of Kraft, Inc. That career culminated with a five year stint as the Chief Marketing Officer for Marriott’s worldwide hotel business. From there it was on to a series of entrepreneurial ventures, some very successful, some not so much. Robert first worked with Peter as a student in BYOBiz and remains a mentor and advisor. In Bloch's own words, "It is an honor to serve on Garang’s Board of Directors and to contribute in a small way to his success with this important social venture."

David Leo-Nyquist : Board Member

David Leo-Nyquist

Board Member

David Leo-Nyquist has spent the past 33 years as an educator, working as a middle-school and high school teacher, a college-based, teacher-educator, and a school change coach. He has a PhD from the University of North Dakota and lives in Shelburne, Vermont.

Teal Forall Scott : Board Member

Teal Forall Scott

Board Member

Mr. Teal left his home in Vermont to train at a Japanese Buddhist monastery when he was 19. As a child, seeing people create such suffering in the world tore him apart. He wanted to face the problem directly, and upon learning that monasteries are built for that purpose, he began searching immediately. After visiting teachers for some time, H found a true Zen Master, Shodo Harada Roshi, with whom he was fortunate enough to train for four years, and under whom he was ordained. He also trained, and served as head monk, at Sariputta Boudh Vihar, an Ambedkar Buddhist monastery in southern India, where he worked for the rights of those born into the lower castes and helped to raise thirty boys with the understanding that we are all inconceivably valuable, regardless of family circumstances. He led peaceful protests and organized community efforts to overcome the injustice of the caste system. He further trained at Hemis Gompa, a Kagyud Tibetan monastery in the far north of India, and Xue Feng Si, an ancient Ch'an monastery in eastern China. Since returning to the US, he have had the honor of participating in several Native American ceremonies, including the Sun Dance and a cycle of vision quests. He taught mindfulness techniques at King St Center to a group of inspired, and inspiring teenagers. He is the founder of The Center for Mindful Learning. In 2010 he was honored to join the board of DOF which he described the opportunity as follow. "It is a blessing for me to have the chance to work with Peter on this excellent project to bring education to children with the greatest need."

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