How much of my donation is used toward orphans’ education and how much is used for administrative expense?

80% of the donation received is used toward the education of orphans and 20% is used for administrative expenses. Foundation is working hard to use less than 20% for administrative expense.

Can I communicate with the orphans I am supporting?

Yes, you can communicate with the orphan (s) you are supporting by main of sending letter or contact the field coordinator who will connect you to communicate over the phone with the orphan (s).

Is DOF affiliated with any particular denomination or political group?

No. DOF is not affiliated with any political group.   Our focus is completely on helping orphans. We help orphans based on their life situation and educational background.

What experience does the DOF have?

Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) is currently run by founder Peter Deng who is also a former orphan child and know better than anyone the lives orphans are facing in Jonglei state, South Sudan.

Why orphans of Jonglei state of South Sudan?

Because South Sudan is a new nation in the world that needs a lot of work, few people are educated in the country, and the rest are nomadic. The orphans in this country suffer the most and seriously need help and it is worst in Jonglei state because Jonglei was the one terribly affected by civil war and now being affected by the tribal wars. This is why we focus on Jonglei orphaned children but will expand to other areas when funding allows.

Why is there such high cost per a child?

Well $1,050 pay for one year primary education for orphan. $1,200 is for one year of high school. This amount includes boarding fee, tuition, and pocket money, money for academic trip and for medical care. Also the costs vary from school to school. Good schools cost more and ones that are not good but okay cost less. However, we send our students to best schools because we want them to have better future.

Are there any other ways rather than financially that I can provide support?

Yes, we always need volunteers and in the first volunteers have organized house parties and small fundraising events in their neighborhood. This is just to mention one of the many ways you can help. DOF is a young organization and it is growing on yearly basis and there are so many ways in which you can use your skills and experience here. So please contact Peter Deng at peter@nsjof.org to find out more. Or call DOF direct line +1 802-393-9507 if calling from international please first dial +011 follow by 802 393 9507.

How many orphans does the DOF currently support?

DOF is currently supporting eight (8) orphans, four in high school, and two in primary school.  Your donations can help us support more orphans in need.

How many orphans is the DOF planning to sponsor?

Currently, we have more than 30 orphans on waiting list to go to school when funding allows. For the long term, DOF plan to have educational training center in Jonglei state where hundreds of orphans will be able to get training free of charge.

Does DOF sponsor equal number of orphans girls and boys?

We are committed to sponsoring equal number of orphans girls and boys. In the first we had three girls on the program and five boys. Well this year we have two (2) girls and four (4) boys on our program and if funds allow, we will add two more girls.

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