Story of Orphan Chuol Thou Dar


This Month DOF bring you life story of orphan Chuol Thou Dar

Below is Chuol life story in his own words:

I am by name Chuol Thou Dar, a South Sudanese by nationality. I am 16 years old boy living in Jonglei state South Sudan. It was August 18th, 2011 when tribal clashes occurred in Pieri payam in Jonglei state and my parents were killed in that tragedy. It was a stressful moment for me to see my parents being killed in my eyes witnessed. After I lost my parents I remain traumatized and no one was taking care of me not until the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan went and took me with other orphans children and brought us to the Church compound where we are able to get something to eat and sleep within the compound. It is a great opportunity and I am so delighted to the DOF for offering me this golden chance to take me back to school after stopping my education in Primary six (6) following a painful death of my parents in my eyes witnessed. I didn’t know that my life will be transformed but thank God and DOF for being there for me. I have a dream in future to be an engineer to help my country, community and other orphan children like me. Thank DOF and all the donors for substitute my parents and now I am born again by getting you to be my new parents on this planet.

Deng Opportunities Foundation Inc. (DOF) is so thankful to Peter Deng Express for it generosity this year again. Peter Deng Express (PDE) is a small transportation company founded by the DOF founder Peter Deng, the company is dedicated to provide affordable transportation services to people of Kenya and it is on the process to extend the services to South Sudan. Please click here to check out the new facebook page of PDE

Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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