The Look at Peter Deng’s New Ventures


Serial Entrepreneur Mr. Peter Deng has figure out the way to make the mission of Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. prosper for many years to come. Mr. Deng launched Peter Deng Express in 2011 as a small transportation company, it then became well stable and well known in 2013 when it launched it money transfer department in Uganda and South Sudan. Since then Deng has been aggressively searching ways to advance his company to the next level.
As a serial entrepreneur who never let an opportunity pass by he spotted in 2014 in Nimule South Sudan that Hotel and Restaurant business were two businesses not well run in that area and could yield a great profit if done well. Without wasting any time he launched restaurant/ hotel business, entering into the most demanding business in that part of the world.  Build beautiful modern restaurant in Nimule border of South Sudan with Uganda and open it in November 2014. Click the link Here to see some pictures of the Peter Deng Modern Restaurant in Nimule South Sudan


DSCN0424On December of the same year Mr. Deng realized that building guest house would help provide his people of South Sudan with the services people often get in the developed countries. He immediately call his Project Manager and said “buddy we are not stopping there we are going to build guest house, it is going to take a lot resources and time but it has to start now.” The project manager was very happy with the idea and the construction of the guest house was initiated.  Mr. Deng went on to name is new venture as “United African Brothers” this has send the clear message to the world that Mr. Deng is not only focusing on helping orphans and his people of South Sudan but he have a big heart that ache for Africa nations and is always thinking about ways to bring Africa together and work together as united brothers.  The United African Brothers guest house is still under-construction and half of it will be done and ready for opening in the month of in the end of August or September 2015 if all goes as plan. The construction will then continue for the remaining part. You can follow Peter Deng Express development on facebook at or website at

Now, one may ask how is this connected to Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. (DOF)? Well, Mr. Deng initiated the program within Peter Deng Express that mandated the company to donate 10% of it yearly profit to the organization and this must be done every year as long the Peter Deng Express and its subsidiaries both continued to operate. This give Mr Deng room to fulfill his dream of educating many orphans.  Oh and we were about to forget something very important, Mr. Deng has open up another United African Brother restaurant in his home town of Bor the restaurant has been in business now for two good weeks and it operating to Mr. Deng expectations.

This is a big achievement for Mr. Deng who sees problem as an opportunity. We are sure this aggressive serial entrepreneur is never going to stop there. Let wait and see what his next venture is going to be after the completion of his guest house in Nimule.




Peter Deng

Founder and President of Deng Opportunities Foundation.

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