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Thiong Achiek

DOF Student

Thiong Achiek is from Jonglei state of South Sudan. Both his parents are alive but can’t afford to send him to school due to the financial difficulty the parent face. None of his parents is educated and this put the young boy at the risk of going without education. Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. is very happy and gives thank to our great supporters who made it possible for us to sponsored Thiong.  Thiong has one more year left to finish his high school and would like to go for further studies after high school. We know can count on you to help Thiong further his education.  Please become a sponsor of this young boy today who desperately needs education.


Yar Akol Gai

DOF Student

Yar Akol Gai is an orphan from Bortown of Jonglei State. Her father passed away when she was still very little and since then her mother has been taking care of her sending her to school. Yar finished 8th grade and her mother has been unable to send her to high school. Yar is sponsored by DOF and DOF is now looking for the long-term sponsor for her. Please become a sponsor of this young woman who desperately needs education.

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90% of your donation dollars go directly to satisfying orphan needs.

Your donation brings about a brighter future to the orphans of Jonglei State, South Sudan, and help them to pursue a quality education.

Outside School

Our Mission

The mission of Deng Opportunities Foundation is to mobilize caring individuals and businesses around the world to meet the educational and developmental needs of East Africa vulnerable children so that they can help build a better society in their homeland.

Our Values

To dramatically improve the long-term lives and values of orphans to ensure that orphans are not left behind in education. The DOF is committed to raising funds and helping orphans by providing scholarships to them so that they can learn and become educated people in the future.  Read more about our mission here.