Since our start, we have provided full sponsorship to eight (8) orphans go to boarding schools in neighboring country Uganda. All these orphans come from Jonglei State of South Sudan. This was possible due to the work of people like you. In addition to providing sponsorship to orphaned children of South Sudan, we work to secure funding from individuals, corporations, Businesses, private sectors and Foundations in order to continue providing sponsorship and improve the lives of orphans.

You can today become one of the hundreds of men, women and young people who have been supporting our work since day one. We need people like you who are ready to change or improve other people lives for better. To continue to give orphans hope and bright future through education we need people like you to make it possible. We need people like you to raise awareness among your networks and make a great connection and contribute the fund to our work here at DOF.

As you can see in this photo is our founder Peter standing with Staff of Sanfoka Africa. In white cloth is Umaru, the chairman of Sanfoka Africa. Umaru plus group of students from the University of Albany New York and few other students from other universities across the USA came together to form Sanfoka Africa to help Africa. In 2011 Umaru was moved by the mission of DOF, he then contacts his organization team to raise awareness and fund for DOF. His team was so excited and move on to raise awareness and fund for DOF and since 2011 Sanfoka Africa has been such an incredible supporter of our work here at DOF. We know you can live wherever you live and still get involved with our work and raise awareness among your networks just like Sanfoka Africa is doing in Albany New York and New York City.

Here are the other areas in which we seek for “Volunteer” and in which you can get involved

  • Organizing fundraising events and Fundraising Campaign
  • Marketing Development and Networking
  • Grant research and Grant writing
  • USA schools outreach to initiate DOF project and spread the word
  • Website maintenance
  • Outreach to Churches
  • Other (Please indicate areas you are interested in if it is not listed above)

We would not have been where we are if it wasn’t voluntarily supported by people like you. People like you bring in with them the vision that keeps us moving. Please join us today and let’s work together to give orphans hope and bright future through education. If interested, contact us or Peter directly at 802-393-9507 and get involved today.

Our Sponsors and Partners