Why Orphans?

Having no parents taking care of them, orphans lack many basic things that are usually provided by one or more parents. Many orphans need education to increase their standard of living and become contributors to their communities. Without assistance, they face much hardship in trying to achieve their goals. There are children whose parents passed away prematurely, but the civil war between North and South Sudan has made it worse. It has increased the number of orphans in Southern Sudan.

Although a peace agreement was signed in 2005 that gave many people hope that things would improve, the lives of orphaned children are still miserable. Orphans are the ones who suffer the most and that is why DOF has stepped up to help these children

Guidelines For Selecting Orphaned Children:

We will carry out an assessment of all applicant orphan participants in this program. The assessment will include the following:

  1. Name, age, gender, and previous education
  2. The orphan status will be verified by acquiring information regarding when each parent passed away
  3. Specifically where in Jonglei each applicant comes from (i.e. region, clan, sub-clan, tribe, family)
  4. The applicant’s vision of how they will use their education, specifically a plan in which they commit to give back to their community

Applicants will be selected based on the above criteria. We will not choose applicants who are not truly orphans, which is to say those children with neither parent living nor no adult providing adequate care. We will attempt to choose applicants from a variety of regions, clans, sub-clans, and tribes. We will attempt to choose applicants who have previous education background and show potential for excelling in his or her education. We will attempt to choose equal numbers of male and female applicants. We will attempt to choose applicants who show the most interest in improving their communities.

Now You can help students on the waiting list go to school

DOF has been working so hard to ensure many orphans get help. The foundation currently has twenty orphans in waiting list to be sponsor if the funding becomes available. All the kids in the video below are all currently in our waiting list. Please make difference today in these young orphans. Become sponsor and give one of these orphans’ bright futures. No matter how small the donation amounts you make to DOF, even as small as $1 make big differences.

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