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Our goal is to provide the world smart business solutions service that enables businesses and individuals to excel. Helping people improve their business and financial needs and excel. We will continue to contribute to customer success and satisfaction by providing the best transportation, money transfer, and consulting services. We will provide integrated services that are customized and delivered throughout East Africa and another part of the world we operate. This will provide convenience and value for customers while enhancing our ability to offer innovative products and services. Peter Deng Group can arrange private transportation services. On the other hand, with PDG you rest assure that all is on time. PDG gets you where you want to be on time, with PDG we know that you don’t want to miss that important appointment and we get you there on time. Our excellent customer service and being on time is what keep our customers come back to us. For our money transfer department, it is only 5 minute and your money is at the destination. It is that simple. Want to go for the other money transfer companies that take a longer time for money to reach your relative at the destination, that is not our business but if you want quick and excellent service that is our business.

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