Orphaned Children need your help

Orphaned Children need your help

Would join me in Bringing Hope to the Orphaned Children of South Sudan.

Being an orphan kid is something that no one wishes to happen to any kid in the world, but it happens anyway, and no one can question the work of God. As a former orphan child, I have lived through the tough life of being an orphan child but thanks to the almighty lord who gave me strength to survive through such hardship and connect me to the right people who have helped me to cross the river. My previous life has taught me to give back to the orphans through Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.  In my work of helping orphans, I have witnessed with my own eyes what the orphans are going through in Jonglei State of South Sudan, it is what I went through 28 years ago. It is painful, it hurts, and I want to do something about it.

Will you join me in the fight to bring education to these orphans who are desperately in need of it? Seeing orphaned children living on the street, going with no food, clothes, water, healthcare, or education and no one helping them is something horrible and heartbreaking. Leaving orphans to live a street life and not giving them basic needs and education is bad for our society because it creates a certain life cycle in the communities where they come from. It creates an extreme line of poverty that takes forever to address. You and I can help break this cycle. Nothing is more important than investing in another human beings’ life. Your contribution this year to Deng Opportunities Foundation will have a great impact in the lives of many orphans living in the Jonglei state of South Sudan.

So, join me with an open heart and let us keep educating the orphans. These orphans need men and women like you to help them. Together we can give orphaned children a better future.

Your donation today is highly appreciated. Help today!

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