Bortown Flood Relief

People of Bortown of Jonglei State in South Sudan are in critical situation

It has been nearly a week and half since the destructive rains and flood from the Nile river caused miserable life in Bortown of Jonglei South Sudan.  The evil flood carried away the homes, uprooted trees brought too many mosquitoes as well brought down power lines in the entire Bortown. While some members of the Bortown were blessed to have their homes and personal property spared, thousands of Bortown people suffered crippling losses from the ongoing flood and no one knows when it is going to stop flooding.

Homes, local businesses and infrastructure have been critically damaged, and the flood is still ongoing which brings more worries to the world. Bortown people and outsiders that call Bortown their home have shouldered the heaviest toll. Thousands of homes are completely being washed away and the foundation of the concrete buildings are critically damaged from the ongoing flood from the rising waters in the Nile river and the rains fall. Fallen limbs and trees smashed cars and roofs across Bortown and the nearby neighboring villages where nomadic people live.  An entire neighborhood along the Nile River in Bortown is completely washed away. The homes that you see in the videos are still standing in the water, for sure no one knows if they are going to survive the flood. When this flood comes to an end, the homes that will be left standing will still need to be completely gutted due to the risk of mold which can lead to the risk in human health.  

All the businesses were forced to close whereas others were washed away by flood. You could see in the above videos. These videos tell everything you need to know about the current situation. There is no place to turn to for rescue as everyone is fighting for survival.

People of Bortown need your help now more than ever before. They need non-food items such as tarpaulins to protect themselves from heavy rains, and mosquitos’ nets to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

Deng Opportunities Foundation has launched the DOF Flood Relief Funds to raise funds to rescue people from Bortown. Other organizations are playing theirs and we are on the other hand doing our part. We need your help today. And your help is going to immediately impact the lives of Bortown residents who are now the victims of the flood.   We are thankful for the many many American individuals and people across the world who have pledged their support to people through our foundation, however thousands of people are in desperate need, require assistance NOW. Deng Opportunities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity organization and has always been able to help quickly where needed.

Unlike donations to national organizations that can take months to begin distributing funds, your support to us will have an immediate and substantial impact on the people of Bortown. With your help, Deng Opportunities Foundation can feed families who have lost everything in the aftermath of the storm, can shelter them, give them a warm place to stay and help rebuild the landmarks that make Bortown such an amazing place to live when the flood is over. Together we can do this. Together we can help people of Bortown of Jonglei State of South Sudan. 

Will you help the people of Bortown survive? Will you help get Bortown back on its feet again as quickly as possible

Here are a few ways that you can help: 

• A donation of $30 dollars will help provide emergency Mosquitoes nets, Blankets, Meals and shelter to a one family displaced from the flood.
• A donation of $320 dollars will ensure that 50 local families will have a mosquito’s nets while going through this difficult time.
• A donation of $500 dollars will help provide meals for 20 local families.
• A donation of $1,000 will help buy 50 Tarpaulins for 50 families to use as a shelter.
• Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors whose lives have been upended. Together, we can restore the Bortown to the place that we all know and love.


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