Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. Farming to End Poverty in Africa (FEPA)

The epidemic thing in Africa continent now is poverty, lack of food to eat which lead to malnutrition in millions of children in the continent. The lack food in the body weakening the body and make it vulnerable to diseases. The goal of DOF FEPA program is to provide needed resources to the farmers and create the market for farmers so that farmers can grow their own crops and be able to sell it in the market.

Growing Good Food Movement

In order for Africans to overcome poverty and thrive we have to educate local people to start farming particularly in countries such as South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi etc and get more aggressive on farming as they used to do in the old days. We have to provide them with seeds, tools for cultivating and create more markets for them, giving more people the opportunity to access farm food made in their own country. Farmers will be able to grow enough for their families and some for the market to be sold to those living and work in the cities. By doing so, we fight a good fight of ending the epidemic poverty that has been rocking Africa for decades. DOF FEPA fosters connections between farmers and eaters by growing and strengthening local and regional markets and working to get farmers food in urban neighborhoods, grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other public institutions.

Taking Action to Change your life

DOF Farming to End Poverty in Africa works with local farmers to promote fair farm policies and grassroots organizing campaigns designed to defend and enhance agriculture effort. We work with farmers and local people to inform them about the important of growing crops not relying on foreign aid. We also educate the farmers and eaters about issues like genetically modified food and growth hormones and it effect in human health. By strengthening the voices of family farmers and helping them grow their own crops, DOF Farming to End Poverty in Africa stand to end poverty.

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