East Africa Women Entrepreneurship Program (EAWEP)

East Africa Women Entrepreneurship Program (EAWEP)

Help Deng Opportunities Foundation raise $5,000 by  March 31st to help launch it East Africa Women Entrepreneurship Program (EAWEP).

Open Message from the founder Mr. Peter Deng. “We must invest in the future generation by using a simple approach that I have prove it myself to be more efficiency. Instead of giving charitable donations to the people just like a token. We have to develop and we have developed the approach that allows us to invest the philanthropic to the individuals identified in the country with big vision and action plan. A plan that yields jobs creation to youth, women, and men of all kind. We must invest in entrepreneurs with proven ability to create small businesses that reach the most vulnerable in the community. In particular, the East Africa countries. We must heavily invest in the women entrepreneurs in this part of the world if indeed we want change to come.”   One can’t expect major change in the country where more than 90% of women are illiterate and are not given chance to contribute toward the development of the nation. This is something that need to change and it can only happen when millions put their hands together, work for betterment of the nation and his people. EAWEP is going to focus on women Entrepreneurs in East Africa in all industries starting from Hospitality to Agriculture. And with the appropriate funding, Deng Opportunities Foundation could turn the most vulnerable women in this part of the world into well respected businesswomen, ones that creating jobs in their prospective communities.

With the sum of $5,000, we will be able to start up our program with 20 women entrepreneurs. We will be able to train these women and give them needed resources to start off well.  Within a matter of five years, the communities where these women are going to be coming from could turn from poor to rich communities, ready to give to the neighboring communities.Our plan for sustainability of this program is in the ability to raise enough capital to launch the program then it will become self sustainable after a year.

Your gift of $5, $25, $50 or more could transform lives of vulnerable women whom we are trying to change.
Your gift will be matched from now through March 15th by founder Mr. Peter Deng. So, please donate today!

We thank you in advance for your generosity.

DOF Fundraising Team

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