Champlain BYOBiz

Champlain College’s BYOBiz entrepreneurship program is a unique opportunity for you as a student entrepreneur to bring the business you’ve started—or the business you’re thinking about starting—to college with you, and to get the support you need to advance that business forward.

Need guidance?

In the BYOBiz program, you’ll learn from successful entrepreneurs and other experts about the strategic, financial, legal, technical, operational and managerial matters you’ll need to know.

Do you have questions?

We will help you sort out whether your idea is a good business idea, and a good one for you. We have a network of entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants and technical experts that have been where you are and can give you perspective on how to build your business, market your product and expand your dream.

Not sure how to get financing?

We’ll help you plan for your company’s financial needs and do the early “bootstrapping.” When you are ready, we will help you get in touch with angel investors and other potential investors. We will help you understand what they need as potential investors, how the process works, and perhaps when you are ready, they may invest in your company.

Wondering where to go from here?

The BYOBiz program will help you with the contacts, resources and step-by-step assistance to help you develop your business.

Learn more about BYOBiz here.

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