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Mike Harris : Legal & Policy Advisor

Mike Harris

Legal & Policy Advisor

Mike Harris, Esq. – Mike works as a lawyer at the Burlington, VT law Collins McMahon & Harris, PLLC, ( that he runs with two partners.Mike’s law practice primarily focuses on civil litigation, representing clients before state and federal courts and administrative bodies in a variety of subject areas. He also provides clients general legal and contract matter advice and handles some business transactions and real estate matters. Mike enjoys helping people solve problems with legal implications, and he has represented a variety of nonprofit corporations.Mike has worked as a Burlington lawyer in private practice since 1987, after graduating Middlebury College (B.A. Biology, cum laude, 1980), receiving his law degree from the University of Wisconsin -Madison (J.D.,magna cum laude, 1986) and working from August 1986-1987 as a law clerk for the Honorable Albert W. Coffrin III, the former chief Judge for the Federal District Court for the District of Vermont.
Mike is married, has three children and lives in Williston. VT. He believes that getting an education truly serves as a springboard for opportunity. By getting involved with DOF, Mike can help others achieve this goal, as well as helping improve conditions in another part of the world. As Mike says:
There is an oft quoted saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” DOF takes this self-starting approach one step further, by in essence funding the future teachers who will teach others to fish. It has been my good fortune to meet Peter Garang Deng, and learn about the organization he has developed. Garang thoroughly understands the cultures where DOF operates, and has effectively communicated his mission, and its details, to others (both in the U.S. and abroad) now involved in DOF, who are bringing that mission to fruition. I am happy to provide whatever counsel and advice I can to assist this venture.
Besides spending time with his family, Mike’s non-work activities include running (including marathons and half-marathons), biking, gardening and home brewing. He’s served on Williston’s Conservation Commission since 1995, with an interest in public trails and land conservation. The Commission has helped Williston permanently conserve over 1,200 acres in over 10 conservation easement or land acquisition projects.

Scott Harris : Advisor Member

Scott Harris

Advisor Member

Scott Realized in the 2010 that something was missing in his life, what was missing was how he can help people that needed his help most. Within 2010 Peter, founder of DOF invited him to join and help out with the founder. Scott was excited to join and help, now he serve as the secretary of the board with Scott Baker. Mr. Scott is currently purusing his bachelor degree at Burlington College. Mr. Scott love ski boarding and selling T-shirts. "I joined the Deng Opportunities Foundation to do something constructive with my life." Said Scott.

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