Robert W. Bloch

Directing the BYOBiz Program at Champlain is arguably Robert’s third career. Upon graduating from Cornell University with a liberal arts degree, he tried to start a magazine business targeting college students. Although the venture failed, he was hooked on a business career. The experience helped him to “know what he didn’t know”, and he concluded that he needed to fill in a few blank spaces in his business education. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and embarked on a career in the corporate world focusing on marketing. His first job was assistant product manager for the Kool-Aid business at General Foods Corporation, now part of Kraft, Inc. That career culminated with a five year stint as the Chief Marketing Officer for Marriott’s worldwide hotel business. From there it was on to a series of entrepreneurial ventures, some very successful, some not so much. Robert first worked with Peter as a student in BYOBiz and remains a mentor and advisor. In Bloch’s own words, “It is an honor to serve on Garang’s Board of Directors and to contribute in a small way to his success with this important social venture.”

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