Makor & Makeer

Makeer 19 years old standing in this picture with his brother who is still in the school.  Makeer was born in Jonglei, their father was a soldier who served in Southern Sudan army, unfortunately he got kill during the civil war between North and South Sudan. Their mother disappeared after their dad got kill and went and die.The boys left under the care of their grandmother and their live became a nightmare, their grandmother have been struggling to put them through school but lack of financial support made it difficult for them to follow up with their studies.  For orphaned children like Makeer education is the most important thing that will make life better in the future. Makeer the youngest was sponsored by DOF in 2010 from P 7 (Primary 7) in Uganda through high school. He finished high school in 2014 and his dream is to further his education to at least 2 years college degree if find a sponsor. It will cost $7,000 for Makeer to pursue associate degree. With an associate degree Makeer will be all set to work in the government sector, business sector or create his own business.  Please help donate the little amount that you can to help Makeer further his education.

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