Peter Garang Deng

Peter Garang Deng’s dream is to help orphans to fulfill theirs. Peter had been thinking of ways to help orphaned children before he learned how to write back in 1996. When Peter finally found himself in the land of opportunity (USA), he realized that the time was right. On January 25, 2010, he founded the Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) to raise funds and provide scholarships to orphaned children. He earned BS degree from Champlain College and an MSA, MBA from Plymouth State University. He is the author of the “Lost Generation” The Story of a Sudanese Orphan. He is the owner of Peter Deng Express, LLC which operates mobile money transfer all over Uganda, South Sudan and Some part of Kenya as well as hospitality in South Sudan.  Mr. Deng is a gifted keynote, public speaker. He speaks five different languages and is currently learning other two languages and that will make it 7 languages by the time he master the other two languages.

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