Regina Adol Nal

Regina Adol is an orphan from Jonglei State. Last lost her parents while she was still very young. She first lost her father to the war between North Sudan and South Sudan. She was then carried for by her single mother who struggle for her to ensure Adol get basis education. Unfortunately, Adol mother passed away 2019 leaving her young daughter with no one to care for her. Thanks to her Cousin William Akech who tried his level best helping Adol pursue her education but the economic crisis of South Sudan affected William which left Adol with no other options but to seek help through Deng Opportunities Foundation. Adol is sponsored to Muni Girls Secondary School by DOF and DOF is now seeking for the long-term sponsor for her. Please become a sponsor of this young girl who desperately needs education for great future or support Deng Opportunities Foundation’s mission.

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