Akech M. Ajang

Akech Majok Ajang is a 18 years old girl, a Southern Sudanese by nationality. Her father was killed in 1996 as a result of the long civil war in Sudan; her father was killed before her mother gives birth to her. The young girl later born and was then named “AKECH” meaning a child born following the death of a family member in Dinka dialect. A single mother brought her up. Her mother worked as a nurse in the hospital where she earns money for living and to cares for her. Unfortunately, Akech beloved mother passed away in 2008 leaving her in a miserable life. Orphan child like Akech needed your help. It only cost $1,200 a year to sponsor Akech to boarding school. Please help us continue sponsoring Akech by clicking on the donate button and make your life-changing donation today. Remember, the little donation you make today make a big differences in Akech life. Thank you for your compassion and generosity

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